Harold Washington Library Center
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Celebrate the keepers of knowledge by visiting these Chicago libraries

April 16 was National Librarian Day, where we recognized the important role that librarians play in our society. In their honor, we’re taking a look at some of the great libraries that Chicago has to offer. Chicago’s public library system started in the aftermath of the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, when 8,000 books of […]

April 18, 2022

Art Institute of Chicago
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Iconic Chicago: The Art Institute of Chicago

Our new monthly series Iconic Chicago looks at some of the most famous locations in our city. We’ll explore the history of these places and why they have earned the love of residents and tourists alike. In honor of World Art Day on April 15, we kick off Iconic Chicago with one of the city’s […]

April 12, 2022

chicago comedians
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April Fools’ and a long legacy of Chicago comedians

April Fools’ Day brings out everybody’s inner comedian. But, did you know that Chicago has launched the career of famous comedians? While it’s unknown how April Fools’ Day began, the Library of Congress explored numerous origin stories. All that can be determined is that it most likely emerged between the 14th and 16th centuries. One […]

April 1, 2022

st patrick
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For the Love of St. Patrick and All Things Irish

From dressing up in green and eating corned beef and cabbage, to hitting the pubs for your favorite Irish ale, St. Patrick’s Day has become a much loved national holiday.  But how did it become so important to our culture? The answer is the result of one of the best things about the melting pot […]

March 17, 2022

President's day
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President’s Day, a lesson on Illinois and the Office

President’s Day is a perfect day to learn about the history of the great men who have called Illinois home.  President’s Day is celebrated on the third Monday of every February to honor all persons who have served as the president of the United States. Originally, the holiday began just a few months after George […]

February 21, 2022

lunar new year
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Celebrating the Lunar New Year in Chicago

Chicago’s Chinatown is one of the largest in North America, so naturally they put on a memorable event and parade for Lunar New Year.  It all kicks off from the intersection of 24th Street and Wentworth at 1pm on February 13th. Also known as Spring Festival, it’s the most important festival in China and many […]

February 9, 2022