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Published on May 26, 2023

Mostly magical Miami is visited for its pristine turquoise beaches, dancing clubs where music goes on all night, and for the luxury shopping experience. However, Miami also has an abundance of artistic expression with a selection of world-class museums and art galleries.

By Suvarna Kale

@suru6444 and @paintmyjourney2

No matter what is your favorite type of art, your age, or background, Miami museums offer something for everyone – from contemporary to history to immersive experiences. Miami art experiences are for people on any budget, from $12 entry fees to $50 to even free walk-ins for street art where one can witness art installations by some great artists.

So, on a sunny Sunday in Miami, I set out to explore the art lover inside me. Grabbing a Cuban coffee, I set out to drive around the art streets of Wynwood, where one can witness graffiti art with a splash of colors. One can also visit the Wynwood walls museum which represents the non-stop energy and rhythm of the Miami youth. I drove ahead to visit the Super Blue Museum, where I was looking forward to indulging in a one-of-a-kind interactive experience. The moment you enter the Super Blue Museum, you interact with the art hosted by the Team Lab. The entrance of the museum leads to the waterfall room where you interact with the forest, the flowers, and the waterfall which is an absolute mind-blowing digital art experience that reminded me of the movie Avatar. I spent almost an hour here immersing in the art, colors, music, and interactive experience which surrounds you from the ceiling to the walls to the floor.

©Author enjoying the interactive immersive experience of the super blue.
©Author enjoying the forest, flowers – an ultimate art experience.

The other rooms had work done by James Turrell, Sebastião Salgado, and Es Devlin. The most unique experience was Es Devlin’s Forest, where one experiences the relationship between human breathing patterns and trees which then is followed by an ultimate mirror glaze. It’s your reflection everywhere top, bottom, sides, and even on your turns.

©Author at the mirror glaze

My next favorite was Rafael Lozano – Hemmer’s Pulse topology which is presented by BMW. Pulse topology is an interactive installation composed of 3000 light bulbs, each glimmering to the heartbeat of a visitor from the past. As you place your hand under the heartbeat sensors, the pulse is translated into sound and light in real-time. BMW partners with this experience to present a shared vision of art and technology.

© Courtesy Author
Pulse Topology – Rafael Lozano-Hemmer in partnership with BMW

While exiting the museum, there is Yinka Ilori’s colorful work outdoors, where you can relax and sip drinks or other refreshments.

© Courtesy Author – Art Installation by Yinka Illori

On the way back I stopped by the bay front park for my run, where along with the calming sunset at the bay, I witnessed some great art installations of artists like Jimenez Deredia. I also happened to visit PAMM Museum the next weekend, which had contemporary art exhibitions displayed by various artists representing various emotions, colors, and moods. The museum also has a huge garden that highlights thousands of plants from Florida’s countless flora and an amazing stunning view of Biscayne Bay.

 © Courtesy Author- Installation at the Bayfront Park overlooking Biscayne Bay.

In my next series of blogs, I will explore the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens which is considered the European gateway of Miami. Whether you are a solo traveler like me, a family with kids, or just an art lover, there is a piece of magic you will experience in this whimsical city of Miami. Explore the cultural side of Miami with its theatres, plays, and music shows.

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    Wow. Your blog is very insightful. I was not aware of this side of Miami. Thank you.

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