Endless Opportunities to Build Guest Experiences

Partner with eATLAS to create customized, app-guided tours, scavenger hunts and similar guest experiences for your hotel, amusement park, festival, community or corporate event.

Perfect for :

Encouraging “shop local” programs or stops at stores and sites you want to promote.

Featuring activities at community holiday or special events.

Designing themes around art, architecture, food, history, sports or more.

Wow Your Guests

A mobile app, available on demand via your guests’ mobile phones, eATLAS allows you to tailor experiences to any theme, and is usable anywhere in the world!


Personalize experiences with your multimedia content. Integrate text clues, or map functionality and geocoordinates to highlight details. Our intuitive tool allows programs to be built and activated within days.


Scavenger hunts can be created for repeated play and competition, while scoring is automated and tracked through the app. Prizes can be awarded at the end or at stops along the way.


eATLAS experiences are also great for corporate groups looking for unique team building ideas and can be built around corporate campuses or the greater community.

It’s all up to you—the opportunities are endless!

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