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    Meet some of our
    eATLAS Whoa!Guides:

    Meet some of our eATLAS Whoa!Guides:

    Alicia Dumas
    • Chicago

    Born in Chicago, Alicia Dumas is the founder of All About Us Tours which she began after discovering her passion for tourism while working as a trolley conductor. Alicia’s tour company serves 9 communities in Chicago of diverse cultures. African American History is one of Alicia’s main focuses and she believes there is no future without the past. When she’s not showing people around Chicago and sharing historical facts, Alicia enjoys visiting museums, walking, reading, sailing, teaching and most out-door activities.

    David Clark
    • Chicago

    David G. Clark was born and raised in northwestern Indiana. His mother was from the northwest side of Chicago, and father was from Joliet, so you could say Route 66 was in his blood from the beginning! David moved to Chicago in 1980 and by 1982 was working on Adams Street (westbound 66). He met his future wife, Carol, who worked in the bank in the same building, and visited several watering holes along Adams on their first date. Theirs was a Route 66 romance, even though they didn’t know it at the time! Carol was a native Chicagoan, and the couple started exploring Chicago as tourists. Their love of the Chicago and exposure via the Historical Society, the Chicago Architecture Foundation, and the Art Institute, they became well-versed in area history. David has written three books, including Images of America: Route 66 in Chicago. Find more info at, and in-person tour information at

    Leentje De Leeuw
    • Chicago

    After reporter Leentje De Leeuw interviewed a man in Chicago who was originally from her Belgian hometown of Sint-Amands, the brief encounter lingered in both their minds. They stayed in touch and Leentje not only fell in love with the man, she was also smitten with the city. In September 2014, after many transatlantic flights, Leentje moved to the Windy City.

    Will Quam
    • Chicago

    Will Quam is an architecture photographer, tour guide, and the enthusiast behind Brick of Chicago. He has been called "Chicago's premiere brick expert" by Geoffrey Baer, and his photography and passion for Chicago's brick history have been featured on CBS, WTTW, The Chicago Tribune, Masonry Magazine and more. His architecture tours were named one of Chicago's best tours by Curbed Chicago in 2020 and his Instagram (@brickofchicago) was named Chicago's best Instagram in 2019 by the Chicago Reader.