Kelly Kniewel

Director of Partnerships & Whoa! Curator

Kelly is a travel enthusiast and certified tour guide based in Chicago, who loves working remotely—as a nomad—as often as possible. When not fostering partner relationships with the guest experience-based app, eATLAS, she enjoys making new friends from around the planet while hosting guests as an Airbnb host and leading walking, kayaking, food and virtual cooking tours and experiences. Follow her on Instagram and Facebook as @ChiCitiGirl Treks & Bites.


Jill Madison

Director of Marketing

Jill went on her first plane ride when she was 5 years old—back when full meals were served with actual silverware during flights, adults smoked and kids got a tour of the cockpit earning a sweet plastic set of wings pin. The thrill of new adventures never left. When not working on eATLAS, Jill can be found exploring new places and trying new foods. You can be amongst the first to follow her soon-to-launch food blog, where she’ll share recipes, new product and restaurant discoveries at or on Instagram as theolivinemarket.


Jon Matuzak

President of eATLAS

Jon’s career previously revolved around the production and delivery of technology services pointed at marketers. Then he was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug and is now delighted to be working with a group working to make eATLAS a household word. He’ll appear from time-to-time in the eATLAS blog sharing the history, quirks, and crannies that make places special.