Treasure Hunts

  • The eAtlas mobile app offers outdoor Urban Treasure Hunts that let you compete against other players.
  • Each Hunt is a series of Objectives – locations to find, puzzles to solve, or photos to take – about a city’s most famous places & little-known history.
  • Our Hunts will challenge your creativity, ingenuity, and knowledge of the host city.
  • After an eAtlas Treasure Hunt, you’ll see a part of the world in a whole new way!
  • eAtlas Hunts are exciting and informative: as Objectives are revealed you must chart the fastest path to the next destination.
  • You can compete against others individually or as a small team  – the player (or team) with the shortest time wins!
  • For Location Objectives, you’ll need to reach a specific location and make your guess.  If you’re at the right place, the next Objective will be revealed!
  • To complete Photo Objectives, you’ll take a picture of the local landscape which you can be uploaded to Facebook.
  • Text Objectives are solved by answering a puzzle or riddle.
  • Play EAtlas at your own risk – it is addictive!


Provided below are samples of what an eAtlas customer sees when using the app on a Treasure Hunt: