Guided Tours

  • eAtlas Guided Tours are enjoyed on-demand from the palm of your hand – no schedules, no waiting in line, and you’re never assigned to a group of strangers.
  • When you login, the eAtlas App identifies your location, displays all Experiences available in the surrounding area, and also allows you to filter, sort, and search all Experiences by type, location, name, or rating.
  • Guided Tour Experiences are made-up of several Points of Interest.
  • Each Point of Interest is a mix of geo-coordinates, audio clips, photos, text, and video clips offering information and unique insights, with humor dropped-in to boot.
  • A pop-up map shows the various Points of Interest and walking directions from your current location to the next Point of Interest.
  • You can start the Tour at the nearest Point of Interest, move through the Tour in any order, and stop and re-start whenever you like.
  • Photos can be taken at any Point of Interest during a Tour, uploaded to the customer’s My Story or Newsfeed in Facebook, and displayed there to the public, only friends, or select friends.
  • The App keeps track of your progress on each of the Guided Tours you’ve started.


Provided below are samples of what an eAtlas customer sees when using the app on a Guided Tour: