Builder Partners


  • Your first eAtlas Experience will be ‘live’ on the eAtlas app and available for purchase once approved by our staff.
  • You receive 70% of the fee each time it’s purchased.
  • The better the Experiences you build, and the more of them you make, the more money you earn.
  • eAtlas is generating passive income for you whether you’re driving to a meeting or having dinner at home.
  • Join a growing community of folks building their own brighter future while delighting curious people across the globe!


  • eAtlas is a mobile App & Platform that lets users, anywhere on the globe, enjoy outdoor Guided Tours and Treasure Hunts we call eAtlas Experiences.
  • eAtlas Experiences take from 1 – 2 hours and are tailored to any theme – art, architecture, food, history, sports, etc. – that is relevant to a given neighborhood or community.
  • Each Experience is a series of Objectives, a mix of audio & video clips, geocoordinates, maps, photos, and text clues or information.
  • Walking along the Experience route, users are entertained and informed as each Objective helps them see a part of the world in a whole new way.
  • The eAtlas Platform is a digital suite of tools and business services that enable our Builder Partners to create and get paid for the Experiences they construct.
  • Across the world, any person or group interested in sharing their unique passion and expertise (and making money!) is a prospective Builder Partner.