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How the neighborhood of Pullman gave birth to Labor Day

Pullman looked idyllic, offered a better standard of living than what employees could have afforded elsewhere. But on the inside, none of the advantages of the model city compensated for […]

July 1, 2022

farming in chicago
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Farming In Chicago, Pulling The Plow To The Market

Tired of the hectic pace of the city? Imagine being surrounded by green fields, cute animals, and farming lots of fresh and delicious food. If you would like to experience […]

March 24, 2022

St. patrick's day
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Everybody is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago

From Irish Dancers to the famous Shannon Rovers Irish Pipe band, along with hundreds of floats and bands participating in this year’s St. Patrick’s Day parade, the event is sure […]

March 11, 2022

Women’s History Month
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Women’s History Month: powerful inspiration from Chicago’s women

Women’s History Month helps us celebrate the achievements and contributions of women throughout American history, across a variety of fields, and Chicago offers some astounding examples. It was 1910 when, […]

March 7, 2022

adler planetarium
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Adler Planetarium is ready for its big reopening

The scientific growth of the 21st century was mainly due to the creation of spaces that would divulge scientific and technological advances for everyone. A case in point is the […]

March 1, 2022

Theater Recommendations in Chicago
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Theater Recommendations in Chicago for a Wonderful New Year

Hey there! It’s Jon Matuzak. The New Year is upon us, and 2022 offers the opportunity to discover special places across Chicagoland.  While the city usually deservedly gets most of […]

January 15, 2022

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