5 thrilling experiences in Chicago

Published on January 12, 2022

Adventure awaits in every destination, and experiences in Chicago are sure capable of pumping your adrenaline. If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to be more adventurous, then we have the perfect thrillers for you.

No more fear of heights

If heights are your taste Chicago has plenty of experiences. Located on the 94th floor of The John Hancock Center, The TILT is a unique attraction that tilts guests out and over the city from the observation deck and provides some of the most breathtaking views of Chicago. Furthermore, you can find interactive displays that allow guests to learn about the history and architecture of the windy city.

After this exciting experience, you can relax at Bar 94, offering a 360° view of the city. The Bar offers a variety of drinks, like beer, wine, or ideal cocktails for an Instagram photo. If you are staying for a few nights, check the weekly events happening there, like 360 sky yoga or 360 sky art, where professional instructors will make sure you spend unforgettable moments in the heights. 

Standing in the air

Continuing with heights, perhaps not tilted but feet in the air, the Ledges on the Skydeck at Willis Tower on the 103rd floor challenge visitors to take a step forward. An international glass experts team designed and detailed all the glass and steel components that keep visitors safe while having an elevated experience since 2009. During the adventure feel free to take an amazing photo of Chicago downtown, while you feel your adrenaline pumping.

Experience the SkyDeck Ledges in Chicago

Freefall experiences

If extreme sports are for you -and assuming warmer weather arrives soon- you might want to try skydiving. Just an hour and a half into the outskirts of the city, there are a few places where you can take the jump and experience a full minute of freefall at over 120 mph.

Or if that’s too much for you, then iFLY Chicago is the perfect solution. This powerful high-tech machine resides at Chicago-Lincoln Park, creating an indoor skydiving experience. Be sure the wind will blow you away just like in your dreams.

Do not worry because professionals will accompany you in both.

Take a cemetery tour

Even if night hasn’t fallen yet, not everyone would dare to take a tour of a cemetery. The Graceland Cemetery is a quiet place that served as a burial ground for Chicagoans before 1860. The burial features many famous people: athletes, politicians (the scariest spirits there), industrialists, and many of the finest architects of the last century. Also, like other places in Chicago, this sanctuary was designed by renowned landscape architects, including O.C. Simonds. 

Cathy Holleb guides you, while listening to the fascinating stories of public figures like the city’s pioneers Dexter Graves and John Kinzie, Chicago architects such as John Root, William Holabird, Louis Sullivan, Howard Van Doren Shaw and merchants and inventors like Potter Palmer, George Pullman, and Cyrus Hall McCormick, among other unique individuals. So, make sure to check Cathy Holleb’s tour: Graceland Cemetery-“Where the Rich and the Famous Come to Lay”.

Snowy adrenaline at the Cook County preserve

Finally, if heights are not your thing, and taking advantage of the season, what about snow-covered thrills? If you’re more into winter sports Chicago has its share, with adrenaline filled experiences waiting on the Cook County preserve. From skiing to snowboarding, these sports activities will make you enjoy the winter weather while having fun. Snow areas are open from 10 AM to 10 PM on days when the soil is frozen, with a minimum snow depth of four inches, and temperatures are a constant 20 degrees or less. Most of the activities will need you to book in advance.

So remember, whereas you like heights, snow, or scary things, Chicago offers adrenaline filled adventures that will ensure your 2022 is full of adrenaline and memorable adventures. We hope you will try out some!

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